Achieve Inspires Series – Obaa Yaa

Experts advise that starting early and being consistent with your savings is a powerful technique to getting ahead in your investing journey. Irrespective of how much you earn or save, starting early gives you a BIG advantage. Yes! The more time you have to invest, the more compound interest you will earn.

Once you start saving, the next important thing is to be consistent. We launched our “Achieve Inspires Series” to help you achieve this in your investing journey. Achieve Inspires Series aims to help you learn good saving behaviors from like-minded Achievers who have different ways of using the Achieve app to save consistently towards their goals.

In this month’s series, we got in touch with Obaa Yaa Gyamfi, a businesswoman, to share some of her good saving practices with us and how Achieve is helping her save towards her financial goals. We hope you will take one or two investment nuggets from Obaa Yaa’s story to help you in your investing journey. Thanks for watching!

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