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Looking for the investment vehicle that best suits your financial needs is not only a headache, but can cost you a lot of time and money. The due diligence is complex, the search is cumbersome, and the decision making is tough. As a result, most people end up considering only the past performance of the investment opportunities available to them. This approach to investing is dangerous and can result in investment failure. Making investment decisions on the basis of past performance is akin to driving using your rear-view mirror.


Making investment decisions by assessing past performance data can result in investment failure;

  • Leveraging technology in your search for guidance in investment decision making saves you both time and money;
  • The Achieve app offers a technology-based solution that guides you to making smart, easy, and safe investment decisions;
  • DigiSave, Achieve’s maiden offering is based off a mutual fund and is designed to provide a steady growth in capital through investments in fixed income instruments.

Leveraging technology in your search for investment opportunities can save you a lot of time and money by breaking down the daunting task of assessing the investment’s appropriateness. Simply getting access to all relevant information about the investment opportunity in one place; having access to investment advisors online; and being able to track the performance of your investments in real-time provides a solution that makes it super-easy for people to have answers to complex investment questions.

The Achieve app offers a technology-enabled approach to investing by partnering with SEC licensed investment managers to provide you with carefully curated financial products that are tailored to meet your specific financial needs. Achieve also gives you access to expert investment advisors who will provide you with investment advice to enable you invest right and smart. In less than 5 minutes, you can put your money to work and your mind at ease.

DigiSave, Achieve’s maiden offering is based off a mutual fund and is designed to provide steady growth in capital through investments in fixed income instruments. With a DigiSave account, you can;

  • Easily make deposits and withdrawals using your mobile money wallet at no cost to you; and
  • Monitor all your investment transactions and earnings from your mobile phone.

Because the DigiSave account is based off a mutual fund, you automatically become a shareholder of the mutual fund company when you subscribe. Any time you make a deposit, you acquire shares in the mutual fund and as a corollary benefit your investment returns, which depends on the number of shares you own and the performance of the underlying investments of the mutual fund increases. Thus, the more you invest the more you earn.

Investing doesn’t have to be difficult. Subscribe to DigiSave and start achieving your dreams.

Download the app for Android or iOS and experience easy, safe and convenient investment opportunities.

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  1. Emmanuel

    So how many days can I withdraw when I invest

    • susuplusadmin

      You can put in a request for withdrawal immediately. However, Digisave gives a 24hr interval before your account is credited with the withdrawal amount.
      Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  2. Darku David

    Please I have deposited into my account but yet still the money has not appeared in my Total Balance, while it has passed 24hourse. Please any assistance?

  3. Elvis

    Hey, I couldn’t find your app on play store. Is it still under development?

    • susuplusadmin

      Hello Elvis, Yes our app is currently in beta development mode. However you can still find it on Google playstore, download, complete your signup process, and start investing.
      Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  4. William

    Please how long does the investment takes before u earn the percentage

    • susuplusadmin

      The moment you deposit your money and it reflects, experienced fund admins take charge of your money and invest on your behalf, and you start earning.

      Do more to Achieve more with us.
      Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  5. Dave

    I can’t get the app on apple store

    • susuplusadmin

      Hello Dave,
      The iOS version of the app is currently not available on the app store yet since we’re waiting for approval.
      Once this goes through it will be listed there.
      Do more to Achieve more with us.
      Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  6. Benjamin

    How Much is needed to invest and how many days is mature to widraw

    • susuplusadmin

      Thank you for the comment.

      Achieve does not have a fixed period of investment. You can top-up your investment or withdraw at any time.

      Your earnings are also calculated daily.

      Do more to Achieve more with us.

      Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  7. I think this is one of the best trading and investment app or institute.rg that we can depend on cruaaah.

  8. Raphael

    I want to know that does it mean when you deposit your money and it reflects into your account and it start saving or what and also are the something that you might not know and you do that your money won’t be invested or you won’t get anything whiles your intention is that you a

    • Achieve Team

      Hello Raphael,
      Thanks for the question. Once you deposit your money on DigiSave and it reflects, your money is automatically invested for you by the fund managers. You do not need to perform any extra activities to get your money invested.

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