What you need to know about Digisave.

About DigiSave

DigiSave, Achieve’s maiden offering offers you the flexibility to invest towards your long-term goals while having access to your money within the shortest possible time to meet expenses that sneak up on you in the short-term.

A significant benefit of DigiSave is that it does not come with any lock-in period. You can withdraw any amount, and the withdrawal is processed within 24 working hours of application. For instance, while saving towards your building project, you can easily withdraw using your phone and receive your money into your mobile money wallet within 24 working hours to cover an emergency.

Your DigiSave contributions are invested in the Plus Income Fund – an open-ended mutual fund managed by Blackstar Advisors (“The Fund Manager”) and held with Stanbic Bank for safe keeping.

To ensure successful investing, you need to develop saving habits that ensure consistency in savings and strategy – thus you need to stay the course. To ensure that you do not change course during your investment horizon, you need to have rock-solid belief in the investment strategy of your investment manager. You can achieve this by following the simple steps below;

  • Understand the strategy of your investment manager;
  • Understand the opportunities that exist for that strategy;
  • Ensure that the Fund Manager has the necessary expertise to successfully implement the strategy;
  • Ensure that your objectives are aligned with the objective of the investment vehicle;
  • Start saving, save consistently and stay the course.

Download the Achieve app for Android or iOS and subscribe to DigiSave.

Key Facts about the Plus Income Fund (Your investment)

Fund Size GHC 16 Million
Initial Investment Amount GHC 10
Valuation Frequency Daily
Subscription Fee Nil
Redemption Fee Nil
Management Fees 2.0% per annum
12-month return 18.12%
Inception Date October 2019
Fund Type Fixed Income Fund
Currency Ghana Cedi
Tax None


  1. Who can invest in the Plus Income Fund?

Ans: Any investor with a low to medium risk profile and the objective to make steady gains on their investment.

  1. What is the investment strategy for the Plus Income Fund?

Ans: Active investments in high quality Government of Ghana and Local Government Securities. This primarily involves investments in financial instruments such as treasury bills and bonds.

  1. Risk inherent in investment strategy and how the Fund Manager guards against those risks:

Ans: The Plus Income Fund is an open-ended mutual fund and price of shares may fluctuate according the performance of the underlying assets as well as market conditions. Thus, economic, financial, or capital market conditions may affect the performance of underlying securities resulting in fluctuations in share price.

Additionally, the Fund’s performance may be influenced by the performance of the companies invested in by the Fund.

The Fund Manager guards against these risks by diversifying across the fixed income asset class and conducting frequent and thorough analysis of factors that may affect the performance and quality of each investment.

NB: Kindly refer to the Fund prospectus to learn more about risk and risk mitigating strategies.


About the Fund Manager (Your Investment Manager)

  1. Who is the Fund Manager?
    1. Blackstar Advisors is an asset management and investment advisory company, that provides across-the-board investment solutions utilizing a multi manager investment philosophy. We help our clients gain access to the people and perspectives that can help unearth investment opportunities.
  1. The Fund Manager’s Investment Philosophy – Beliefs that drive excellent performance:
    1. Discipline – Decisions are an output of a logical and disciplined investment process.
    2. Active Management – Exploit opportunities such that portfolio always reflects the best investments.
    3. Growth biased – We invest in quality assets with focus on sustainable growth.
    4. Fundamentals based – We invest fundamentally using a “Bottom Up” approach.
    5. Research driven – Decisions are driven by extensive macroeconomic, industry and company research.
    6. Integrated risk management – Risk management is embedded in the investment process.
  1. Regulatory body that supervises the Fund Manager:
    1. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  1. Key Investment Staff of the Fund Manager:
Eric Appiah (Managing Partner) Responsible for the Firm’s Corporate Finance practice globally, which includes fund raising, mergers & acquisitions and financial advisory. BSc. Mathematics & Statistics, MSc. in Corporate Risk & Security Management – University of Southampton
Selorm Selawoka (Portfolio Manager) Responsible for the day-to-day management of the fixed income portfolio of assets.
BS. Statistics – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi; M.Sc. Financial Risk Management – University of Ghana Business School
Albert Ofosu (Portfolio Manager) Supports managing partner with advisory and corporate finance and portfolio manager with investment advisory. BSc. Business Administration – University of Ghana Business School.
Rita Yeboah (Portfolio Manager) Responsible for the day-to-day management of pension fund portfolios. BSc. Commerce – University of Cape Coast
Felicia Ampofo (Portfolio Manager) Responsible for research and data analysis for pension and mutual fund portfolios. BA Social Sciences (Economics and Sociology), University of Cape Coast; MSc International Economics, University of Tübingen, Germany


Other Service Providers

  1. Petra Securities Limited – Promotor via Achieve Mobile App
  2. Petra Fund Services – Fund Administrator
  3. John Kay and Associates – Auditor
  4. Stanbic Bank Ghana Limited – Fund Custodian

About Achieve

Achieve offers a technology-enabled approach to investing by partnering with SEC licensed investment managers to provide you with carefully curated financial products that are tailored to meet your specific financial needs. Achieve also gives you access to expert investment advisors who will provide you with investment advice to enable you invest right and smart. In less than 5 minutes, you can put your money to work and your mind at ease.

Achieve is owned by Petra Securities Limited, a subsidiary of the Petra Group and a promoter and marketer of retail financial products.

Achieve – Dream. Execute. Achieve

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  1. bright

    I think I’m the first person trying this out and I hope it goes well.

  2. Nwabueze john

    I kinda love this…..achieved

  3. Divine

    Want to really know more about you. Wish I could contact you at any nearby office or incase there’s a number I could call for more info

  4. Abubakar Ibrahim

    Hi,I am facing problem of withdrawing my money.anytime i try withdrawing they say insufficient balance but i deposited 80gh yesterday

    • susuplusadmin

      We are sorry to hear this. After payment, your deposits take 24 business hours to clear. We do hope you find this helpful. Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  5. Isaac Klutse

    Some how Loving it hope it goes well and I will love to refer friends

  6. Richard

    Just deposited some amount to see whether it works well. Invest @ earn

  7. Retta

    I really really hope that it will work

  8. Adarkwah

    Please does this generate some profit on your invested money and how many percentage ?

    • susuplusadmin

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, your investment generates profit and they are also calculated daily.

      Since this is a Mutual fund, prices of Investment change daily.

      However, you can get an annual rate of between 16% – 18.66% based on past years performance.

      Do more to Achieve more with us.

      Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  9. I dont understand something ooo please if i deposit money into my account ehn will perform some tasks or the money will be yielding interest automaticaly

    • susuplusadmin

      Hello Achiever, Thanks for the question.

      The moment you deposit your money and it reflects, experienced fund admins take charge of your money and invest on your behalf.

      This is very simple.

      Do more to Achieve more with us.
      Dream. Execute. Achieve.

  10. I think achieve can be trusted …

  11. Sakiteh

    Is my interest going to appear everyday.
    And if so , how much can I make each day

  12. Benjamin Tamemon Wadja

    Please, for how long can someone withdraw his or her after deposit day?

    • Achieve Team

      Hello Ben,
      After deposit, your money becomes available for withdrawal after 3 working days. This excludes weekends and holidays.


    I like this much since it helps me to know my investment performance always

  14. Daniel Boateng

    Are the earned interest updated daily on the app?

  15. Emmanuel

    Am Emmanuel I made a deposit yesterday that was 10gh and today 100gh and I was try to take some out to see it I can to that but the reply was insufficient balance how and why pls

    • Achieve Team

      Hello Emmanuel, we apologize for the challenge. Currently, deposits are made available for withdrawal after three working days excluding holidays and weekends. We are working steadily to reduce this time significantly. Thanks for support. Send us a mail via [email protected] if you have any challenges.

    • Please what’s the process for depositing money into achieve’s account

      • Achieve Team

        To deposit money into your DigiSave account, you must first ensure that you have added a mobile money wallet to your account. After doing so, kindly follow the steps below to make a deposit;

        1. On the Achieve home screen, select ‘DigiSave’
        2. On the DigiSave dashboard, select ‘Deposit’
        3. Enter Amount
        4. Select the ‘Wallet’ to deposit from, and
        5. Select ‘Proceed’

        You will receive a prompt from your network provider and be required to enter your secret mobile money pin to confirm.

        Kindly note that contributions can be withdrawn after 3 working days of payment receipt.

        Also, the minimum contribution for DigiSave is GHC 10. However, it is advisable to invest more (E.g. GHC 100) to earn a meaningful return.

  16. Eric

    This is great and hope this achieve project stays. This is investment on the go. My suggestion though is that you add an investment calculator to help investors know how much earning they stand to realize with the achieve app. Also kind add contact number to your contact us page.

    Great app by all standards!!!!


    There is no harm in trying. It’s my first time so I’m hoping it goes well so that I can do more to achieve more with the achieve team

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